With great pleasure we invite you to join us at


Manhattan’s premier Vegas-style party & Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament

Shalva- The Israel Association for Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities-
cordially invites you to join us at our exclusive Vegas-style party for New York City’s
finest young professionals and philanthropists. The event features a classic Texas
Hold ‘Em tournament and an upscale silent auction. Guests will also enjoy sensational
food, an open premium bar and exciting entertainment in support of Shalvas’s
children with special needs and their families.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Prince George Ballroom
15 E. 27th st NYC

Admission: $180 | $160 before Jan 31
VIP: $250
Tournament Buy-In: $1,800

Dinner Fare • Premium Open Bar • Cocktail Chic Attire

Dietary Laws Observed

Music by DJ REL

Doors Open:


Tournament Begins:





One Buy-In to Harrah’s World Series of Poker Main Event 2017.
Click here for more information on the 2016 World Series of Poker.


A trip for 4 to the prestigious Caves Valley Golf Club in Owings Mills, Maryland.
The trip includes a one-night stay in the cottages, dinner at the Clubhouse and two rounds of golf.


A luxurious 2-night stay at The Bryant Park Hotel in New York City with deluxe accommodations.

*Prizes subject to change and valid for one season/year only.

By participating in the tournament, you agree to abide by the rules and behave in a courteous manner. A violator may be verbally warned, suspended from play for a specified length of time, or disqualified from the tournament. Chips from a disqualified participant will be removed from play.

  1. Whenever possible, all rules are the same as those that apply to live games.
  2. Initial seating is determined by random draw or assignment.
  3. A change of seat is not allowed after play starts, except as assigned by the director.
  4. The appropriate starting amount of chips ($10,000) will be placed on the table for each paid participant at the beginning of the event, whether the person is present or not. Absent players will be dealt in, and all chips necessary for antes and blinds will be put into the pot.
  5. If a paid participant is absent at the start of an event, every effort will be made to locate and contact the player. If the player requests that the chips be left in place until arrival, the request will be honored. If the player is unable to be contacted, the chips will be removed from play at the discretion of the tournament director any time after a new betting level begins or a half-hour has elapsed from the start of the tournament, whichever occurs first.
  6. A starting stack of chips ($10,000) may be placed in a seat to accommodate late participants (and all antes and blinds will be appropriately paid during regular course of play). A stack located at an unsold seat will be removed at the set time of the latest re-buy/add-on (10:00pm).
  7. For the first two hours of the tournament (8:00-10:00pm), participants are entitled to unlimited re-buys. Re-buys are available at the rate of $1,000, and those who re-buy during this time frame will receive $10,000 in chips. At 10:00pm, all participants will be given a one-time opportunity to purchase an addon. Add-ons are at the rate of $1,000, and those who purchase an add-on will receive an additional $10,000 in chips.
  8. The cutoff time for re-buys/add-ons will be 10:00pm sharp. No exceptions.
  9. Limits and blinds are raised at regularly scheduled intervals.
  10. There will be a signal designating the end of each betting level, the new limits apply on the next deal. (A deal begins with the first riffle of the shuffle.)
  11. An absent player is always dealt a hand, and will be put up for blinds, antes, and the forced bet, if low.
  12. A player must be present at the table to stop the action by calling time.
  13. If you are not present when it becomes your turn to act, your hand is dead. This includes situations in which a live blind is not present to act, since an absent player cannot exercise the option to raise.
  14. As players are eliminated, tables are broken in a pre-set order, with players from the broken tables assigned to empty seats at other tables.
  15. The number of players at each table will be kept reasonably balanced by the transfer of a player as needed. With more than six tables, table size will be kept within two players. With six tables or less, table size will be kept within one player.
  16. A player who declares all in and loses the pot and then discovers that one or more chips were hidden, is not entitled to benefit from this. That player is eliminated from the tournament if the opponent had sufficient chips to cover the hidden ones.
  17. If a player lacks sufficient chips for a blind or a forced bet, the player is entitled to get action on whatever amount of money remains. A player who posts a short blind and wins does not need to make up the blind.
  18. All players must leave their seat immediately after being eliminated from an event.
  19. Showing cards from a live hand during the action injures the rights of other players still competing in an event, who wish to see contestants eliminated. A player may not show any cards during a deal (unless the event has only two remaining players). If a player deliberately shows a card, that hand may be ruled dead and the player penalized.
  20. Inappropriate behavior like throwing cards that go off the table may be punished with a penalty such as being dealt out for a length of time. A severe infraction such as abusive or disruptive behavior may be punished by eviction from the tournament.
  21. The deck is not changed upon request. Decks change when the dealers change, unless there is a damaged card.
  22. In all tournament games using a dealer button, the starting position of the button is determined by dealing for the high card.
  23. The dealer button remains in position until the appropriate blinds are taken. Players must post all blinds every round. Because of this, the button may stay in front of the same player for two consecutive hands.
  24. New players are dealt in immediately unless they sit down in the small blind or button position. In these two cases, they must wait until the button passes.
  25. In heads-up play with two blinds, the small blind is on the button.
  26. All hands will be turned face up whenever a player is all-in and betting action is complete.
  27. If two (or more) players go broke during the same hand, the player starting the hand with the larger amount of money finishes in the higher tournament place for point and cash awards.
  28. Management is not required to rule on any private deals, side bets, or redistribution of the prize pool among finalists.
  29. Private agreements by remaining players regarding distribution of the prize pool is prohibited.
Founding Chairman: 
David Zwillinger
President: Todd Fisher
Hannah & Alan Feder
Maayan & Baruch Ghermezian
Josh Goldstein
Eliane & Justin Karr
Lee & Michael Lewittes
Daniella & Daniel Seligsohn
Dayna & Adam Westreich
Rebecca Zwillinger


Ayelet & Oren Goldhaber
Alison & Josh Kaufthal
Judi Gabbay

Eliane & Justin Karr
Josh Goldstein

Leah Albek
Natalie & David Batalion
Fayga Brisman
Elana Cohn
Samuel Davidson
Blima Ehrentreu
Hadassah Farkas
Eli & Meryl Feldblum
Sivan & Sholom Frank

Jennifer Frankel
Eli Friedman
Belle Ginsburg
Jeff Goldberg
Sheldon Goldstein
Alyson & Rafi Goodman
Sivan & Neil Greenspan
Mark Grundman
Caroline Hadjibay
Sharona Kahn

Alison & Greg Kalikow
Sarah Kaufman
Melissa Jane Kronfeld
Ruthie Lehmann
Rachelly Liker
Robert Lowinger
Alexandra Naparstek
Daniel Oppenheim
Naomi Ostrove
Vanessa & Michael Rouzenrouch
Ira Rudman

Chana & Ariel Schachter
Daniel Simons
Shira Sky
Eitan Smilchensky
Frumee & Raphael Taubenfeld
Naomi & David Wassner
Jodi & Adam Weinstein
Samie Brosseau & Eli Weiss
Renee Willett

*In formation